I, Vincenzo Pugliese am the proud owner and founder of La Rosa Chicken & Grill. We're a health conscious chain of food for the most discriminating of taste, authenticity, and value. In Italy, the pleasure of eating has always been central to the pleasure of living. This was just one of the many family values my father Giovanni instilled in me growing up. At the young age of 16, my father came to America with hope, little money, but enough determination to conquer his dream. He began working as a long shore man in NYC; and having good intuition he was afforded the opportunity to open a pizza restaurant. Four years later at the age of 20, my father began opening a series of food outlets in malls, which gradually formed a company. With time and perseverance, my father began diversifying and I had the rare opportunity to learn and grow with him. At the young age of 11, I was traveling to various restaurants which enabled me to experience different work methods. This undoubtedly gave me the tools and knowledge one can only gain from hands on experience. It has always been my vision to introduce a restaurant that would conform to today’s health conscious generation. The concept included a casual friendly and lively atmosphere that focused on family recipes and fresh ingredients. After diligently researching the benefit of offering healthy eating my team and I started creating our own in house recipes which included grilled and roasted chicken platters, a variety of sandwiches & wraps, homemade sides, fresh seasoned vegetables, and fresh soups and salads. With great success we were eager and excited to open "La Rosa Chicken & Grill" in July of 1994. Since then, I have been adding many more locations to the company. Our list of regular satisfied customers has grown over the period of successful years in our ever growing restaurant chain. Through the years numerous requests to franchise in La Rosa have been made by customers and investors alike. Since then I began to generate the structure to make all of this possible. I created a system to keep all food with the utmost quality and consistency, along with optimizing service and keeping cost in line. Our close guarded secret recipes remain in our strict supervision. To learn more about the financial benefits of investing in La Rosa's franchise opportunities or to view a virtual tour to arrange a meeting please click here. Like us on Facebook visit us at www.Larosagrill.com

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