Eat Healthy... Live Well 

La Rosa Chicken & Grill – a modern-world eatery that stays true to Old World traditions. We begin by using only products that are natural, preservative free non-hormone injected and without MSG. It’s how all of our dishes retain the nutrients needed to keep our bodies healthy. We do not use fillers or chemically flavored low grade food products. Our meats are marinated with our own natural process and our side dishes are made fresh daily from real potatoes and select fresh greens. They are cooked in ovens, kettles, open fire grills and rotisseries letting all the fats extract while retaining everything wholesome. By starting with only those products that meet our commitment to exceptional quality, we end up with a meal that is unsurpassed in its category. At La Rosa Chicken & Grill you can be assured you are getting a fully nutritionally, well balanced meal for your family. To Our Guests: It is a privilege to have the opportunity to serve you and we thank you for making La Rosa a continued success.

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