La Rosa Chicken & Grill is a place that doesn't pretend to be anything but what it is. A great place to grab a great chicken sandwich or a home cooked quality chicken dinner with some great sides. It isn't gourmet, and it isn't very flashy. But the chicken is very good and all of the sides are as well. Their Gorgonzola chicken sandwich, and Chicken Pesto Sandwich are two of my favorites. I eat there often when I'm looking for something quick and satisfying. Their coleslaw is some of the best in town, and trust me this town has good coleslaw. The staff is always friendly and do their best to make sure you are happy. They may be a bit slow where they are busy but what place isn't. If you are looking for a place to get some solid chicken this is the place for you.

Posted by Joey C.

A great place for chicken in a variety of forms. Getting a whole (or half) roast chicken is a good call (add a few sides too), but usually I go for the sandwiches. The chicken pitas especially are a good choice: loaded with lots of chicken and fixings. I also love the chicken caesar salad. Their caesar dressing is good (not too creamy) and they give a generous amount of chicken.

For sides, I like the mac'n cheese, steamed veggies, and stuffing. And don't forget the corn bread, which does a good job of soaking up any excess caesar dressing!

Posted by Daniel J.

This place is the absolute best. Everything from rotisserie chicken to their wraps are amazing. The owner is almost always there, and staff hasn't changed in years. My favorite lunch spot in Madison/Chatham area.

Posted by Nazario P.

The ribs are amazing, worth the 30 minute drive alone. The red skin potatoes are great, the mac and cheese and cucumber salad are good too. Mini cornbread muffins are the perfect accompaniment to the ribs.

Posted by Michael P.

Always fast, courteous service. Their chicken is awesome and their sides are always fresh. I'm lucky because my wife doesn't like cornbread, so that means more for me!

Posted by Tom D.

I read the review and had to give them a taste. Awesome place! I had their 1/4 chicken and veggies. The veggies were fresh and the chicken very tasty.
I wish we had one of these in my town!
The owner was very nice and friendly.

Posted by Tim R.

Visited La Rosa yesterday for the first time.
We had the roasted chicken and baby back rib combination.
The roasted chicken was fantastic - The skin was crispy and flavorful and the meat was tender and juicy - The baby back ribs were also great and packed full of flavor.
The corn bread seemed to be home made and was also great tasting.
The sides we had were the mac n cheese and the garlic parsley mashed potatoes.
The man n cheese was creamy and full of flavor.
The garlic parsley mashed potatoes were also great - definely made with real potatoes (not the powdered kind like some other places.)
Also tried a cup of the Chicken Chili soup - another great item.

The food at the counter was presented professionally and looked very fresh.

The staff was very friendly and accommodating.

Sal, the owner, came by and asked if everything was okay - Very friendly guy and made us feel like family.

This is a go to restaurant - 5 stars for sure

Posted by Fred P.

“Healthy and Hearty”
The rotisseried chicken is their specialty, but their sides are secretly scrumptious; I've gone there just for a double order of their string beans. Service is FAST!

Posted by Madison_NJJack

“Great chicken and soup”
The rotisserie chicken, tomato salad and soup are excellent, good if you are in a hurry. Great if you have a cold and need comfort food.

Posted by Ann S

“Great friendly chicken place”
Great local chicken place. The sides are always fresh and tasty. Everyone is friendly. Way better than fast food and just about as quick.

Posted by NJCFP

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