La Rosa Chicken & Grill is open during the coronavirus. We are taking special precautions to ensure our customers and staff stay safe. Our restaurant works with raw chicken on a regular basis, so we already follow strict food handling procedures like sanitizing surfaces, washing hands and wearing protective gear.

If you are thinking about ordering a dinner or two from us, here are three benefits to consider.

1. Enjoy high quality meals for the whole family.

The average American eats 4.2 commercially prepared meals every week. Now with the pandemic, people aren’t able to sit down and dine in restaurants. They can, however, order takeout. But do you really want your family eating fast food 4-5 times a week?

La Rosa Chicken & Grill serves high quality meals that you can feel good about. Unlike fast food chains, our chicken restaurants serve preservative-free, non-hormone injected, MSG-free chicken. Everything is cooked as naturally as possible to preserve the nutrients in the food. We also do not use fillers or chemically flavored food products.

2. Serve your family healthy meals with plenty of protein.

Not only are our meals high in nutrients, but also they come packed with protein. For example, adding chicken to a salad keeps you feeling full longer and also helps repair and build tissues. Eating healthy is especially important right now, as you want to keep your body strong.

With a large menu, you can order individual meals or take advantage of our healthy, cost-effective family meals that include roasted chicken, crispy chicken or baby back ribs with the sides of your choice. Or, add a fresh salad for a full serving (or more!) of vegetables.

3. Give yourself a break from cooking and cleaning.

Lastly, everyone needs a night off from cooking and cleaning every now and then! With families staying home for the most part, it’s nice to let someone else do the cooking for a change. Place your order with La Rosa Chicken & Grill and let us know how you want everything cooked.

Because we make food fresh in our kitchens, we can modify your order to meet your dietary needs and preferences. We also have convenient pickup and delivery options, as well as contactless pay, helping to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Whether your mouth is watering for crispy chicken, a slab of baby back ribs or a fresh Mediterranean salad, La Rosa Chicken & Grill has you covered. Order from us today and enjoy a night off cooking while getting the same health benefits as if you made it yourself!

Some locations may not operate as usual at this time due to COVID-19. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please check with the restaurant for Take Out, Delivery, Pick Up, Curb side Pick Up & Contactless Pay.