Planning Your Next Family Celebration

June 17th, 2019 by

When you come from a big family, you know how challenging it can be to find a place big enough to hold all of you comfortably. No one in your family may have a house that has enough space to accommodate everyone a large reunion. You also may not want to hold the gathering outdoors at a shelter house or picnic area in a park.

Rather than cancel the event altogether, you could contact one of your local eateries to reserve space in which to hold your family reunion. By holding it at one of the local chicken wings restaurants in NY families like yours can have all of the space you need and also enjoy savory and delicious food during the gathering.

When you hold it at one of the local chicken wings restaurants NY families like yours can avoid the hassle of having to cook enough food for everyone. You may know well the struggle of cooking enough food for everyone who comes to the family reunions. You may end up running out of food. You also are left with a tons of dishes and silverware to wash afterward.

The restaurant that you hold it at is happy to cook for you and serve up dishes that everyone will enjoy. If your family is a fan of chicken wings, you can order baskets full that range from mild and tangy barbecue to spicy, hot pepper wings.

You also can order plenty of sides for everyone to enjoy. Some of the more popular sides available to you include French fries, macaroni and cheese, or coleslaw. You can sit, visit, reminisce, and spend quality time with your family members. After the gathering is over, you can leave the restaurant with full stomachs and the peace of mind that you will not have to spend hours cleaning up.

A Business For Serving Chicken

June 10th, 2019 by

When customers are delighted by the aroma of the chicken that they smell from your restaurant as they walk through the door, then you know that you’re doing something right. Opening one of the chicken restaurants in NY that customers can enjoy could be challenging, but it’s also a fun endeavor that allows you to get creative with the menu items that you prepare. Try to offer chicken prepared in a variety of ways instead of only fried or baked so that customers have something to choose from when they visit. Choose side dishes that pair well with chicken, such as fries, corn on the cob, or macaroni and cheese. The side dishes that you offer should coordinate with the type of chicken that you serve as well.

Before you open one of the chicken restaurants in NY for customers to visit, you need to find a good location where people will see the exterior of your building and will clearly see what you have to offer. Try to avoid opening your business close to other restaurants that are known for serving chicken so that customers can see that they have options instead of getting the same kind of food all the time.

Get all of the permits that are needed to open your restaurant as well as any licenses that you need. The health department will also need to do an inspection. Once everything is in order, you can begin decorating and designing your menu. Tables are often better than a bar area in a chicken restaurant so that customers have a place to sit and enjoy their meal. Consider offering specials during the week to save customers a little money. After setting your menu, you can begin getting the deep fryers and other equipment needed to cook the chicken along with hiring someone to prepare and serve it to customers once the restaurant is open.

Preparing Platters for Customers

April 25th, 2019 by

When you own a restaurant that serves chicken to customers, you should try to offer a variety of dishes, so customers have something to choose from when they eat there. An option besides fried chicken or chicken strips would be a chicken salad platter. Only the freshest ingredients should be used when making the platter including the bread if you’re making sandwiches with chicken salad and any vegetables that are used. You can store the salad in a refrigerator for a short time before it’s served but try to make the salad platters as close to when customers order them as possible.

A chicken salad platter in NJ can choose from on your menu is a good option for the warm months of the year as it’s light and refreshing. If you have a deli case, then you can prepare platters of different sizes in the morning and sell them for the customers who visit for lunch. Try to keep the cooler stocked throughout the day but monitor how many are left before you close so that you don’t have to keep a lot of extra food overnight.

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When you make chicken salad platters with the salad in a sandwich or by itself, you need to use cooked chicken with the skin removed as this will give the best consistency and flavor. Try to only use white meat as well. You can add almost anything to the salad that you think customers would like, but a good base includes mayonnaise, chopped onions, chopped celery, walnuts, cranberries, and seasonings. Platters that you have on the menu should be presented in a way that is enticing and that would make customers enjoy what they are eating. An idea would be to place the salad on a bed of lettuce with fresh vegetable on either side.

Fusing Old World Italian Values With Modern Convenience

April 25th, 2019 by

La Rosa Grill has a reputation for making the best chicken salad in NJ. Each serving epitomizes the food values of La Rosa Grill’s founder and owner, Vincenzo Pugliese. Pugliese, the son of Italian immigrants, carries on his Italian traditions by selecting the highest quality fresh ingredients, preparing them expertly and presenting them with love and care. No wonder La Rosa Grill’s makes the best chicken salad in NJ.

The Secret to La Rosa Grill’s Success

La Rosa Grill is a chain that operates like a freestanding restaurant. The menu utilizes hormone- and preservative-free chicken. The grilling process and the in-house recipes do not include MSG or other potentially dangerous additives. There are no low-grade products containing artificial flavors.

In fact, La Rosa Grill prepares its legendary chicken salad and other standout menu items the way your grandmother, or Nonna, did. The experienced kitchen team marinates all meats in curated marinades for optimal flavor. The cooking process utilizes kettles, ovens, rotisseries and open-fire grills to enhance depth of umami and recreate a super fresh, home-cooked taste.

All sides and entrees consist of real vegetables purchased frequently and prepped daily for the freshest taste at the table.

When You’re Craving Timely Food, Not Fast Food

Wholesome food can be timely without being “fast.” La Rosa Grill proves this through a targeted menu designed for enjoyment in-house, to go or delivered. Platters, bowls, soups and burgers make excellent first course and main course options for individuals, families and small groups.

If you’re watching carbs and calories, there are entree salads you can top with gyro meat, crispy chicken or grilled chicken. There are Mediterranean salads as well as gorgonzola, Caesar and garden salads Choose between light or full-flavored dressings for a highly personalized salad to be eaten unaccompanied or before/after your entree. Visit La Rosa Grill today to sample the best chicken salad in NJ.

Using Fried Chicken Restaurants in NJ for Family Parties

September 20th, 2018 by

Using Fried Chicken Restaurants in NJ for Family Parties

There is one thing people in New Jersey do well and with consistency. They create and plan some of the most enjoyable of all family parties. These are individuals who come together to enjoy each other and celebrate life together. You have plenty of help out there for creating the best party – good locations, fun accessories, and all of the décor you want. Now, you need to consider the options in a menu. Why not turn to La Rosa Chicken & Grill to offer you some help?

Choosing the Right Amount

The hardest part of planning any type of celebration is knowing what your guests are likely to eat and then choosing a menu with enough food for the crowd. If you do not want to have to purchase numerous options, go with food most people enjoy – fried chicken. This versatile choice works well for just about any occasion. The best places are also able to work with you throughout the planning process.

How Much Chicken Do You Need?

This depends on the age and the overall size of your group. For children, one piece per person is generally enough, unless they are older than 10 to 12. For adults, plan on two pieces. If your group is a bit more picky, you may need to up this a bit to ensure there is enough variety of pieces for everyone.
When you work with the La Rosa Chicken & Grill, they can help you make decisions about how much to buy as well as help you with any side dishes you may need along the way. For many, this is an easy way to create a meal everyone at the event can enjoy and one that is readily available to you.