Why Roasted Chicken is a Great Healthy Protein Option

January 23rd, 2020 by

Roasted chicken is a widely popular dinner option for American families. In fact, Costco sells 60 million ready-make chickens per year. If you enjoy eating rotisserie chicken in Staten Island, you certainly aren’t alone. The good news is that this type of chicken has more nutritional benefits than other types of chicken and other meals in general. 


The Cooking Method Matters 

Cooking methods have a big impact on the nutritional value of the food. Fried chicken might taste delicious, but frying chicken increases the fat content. Roasted chicken is a better option because it has lower saturated fats and cholesterol. It’s also packed with protein, vitamin B12 and iron. 

If you’re looking to increase protein in your diet, roasted chicken is an excellent source. Pair it with one of these popular side dishes and you’ll have a healthy, balanced meal in no time! 


Getting More Protein from Chicken 

Protein is incredibly important to the human body. Your body needs protein to build and repair tissues and make enzymes, hormones and other body chemicals. Protein is found in every cell in the body, and it’s a key building block for muscles, cartilage, skin, blood and bones. However, the body does not store protein. 

You don’t need to munch on protein all day long, but you should get this nutrient from the right sources. One of them is chicken. Chicken has a high protein content, which is why it’s a top pick for body builders. It’s also a lean meat, so when you fill up on chicken and vegetables, you’re getting a full meal without taking in excess carbs, sugars or sodium. 


How Often Should You Eat Chicken? 

There is no solid evidence that says eating too much chicken will have a negative impact on your health. In fact, most American families eat chicken several times a week. As long as it’s prepared healthily, you can expect the average 4-ounce chicken breast to have 26 grams of protein, 1 gram of fat and 120 calories. In comparison, 4 ounces of beef contains 16 grams of protein, 33 grams of fat and 375 calories. 

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What You Need to Know About Adding Spice to Chicken

January 14th, 2020 by

If you’re looking to cut back on unnecessary fats and oils, seasoning your food with herbs and spices is a great change to make. The Dietary Guidelines state that we should limit calories from added sugars, fats and sodium. Using herbs and spices provides food with plenty of flavor while cutting down on calories. Plus, natural herbs offer health benefits like reduced inflammation, boosted immunity and improved memory. 

Below is everything you need to know about adding spice to our favorite food – chicken! 


Find the Right Spice Combination for Your Chicken

First thing’s first – you need to find the right spices to complement your chicken dishes. There are so many, it’s hard to list them all! But here are some popular flavor combinations to start with: 

  • Sweet and savory rub. Love what the BBQ restaurants in Staten Island serve up? A sweet and savory rub gives you that classic barbecue taste. Using brown sugar as the base, mix together salt, paprika, pepper, cumin, onion, garlic, pepper and cayenne pepper. 
  • All-purpose rub. An all-purpose dry rub is great for creating flavorful chicken that pairs well with potatoes, rice and vegetables. Dry rubs combine paprika, black pepper, garlic and onion powder, oregano, salt, coriander and cayenne pepper. 
  • Herbal rub. If you prefer a fresh, fragrant rotisserie chicken in Staten Island, you can bring these flavors home. Herbal rubs are best for Italian-inspired dishes and include salt, oregano, dried basil, dried parsley and brown sugar. 
  • Citrus and spice. Prefer a citrusy chicken dish that pairs well with vegetables? Mix lemon pepper, salt, garlic and onion powder, basil, oregano, parsley and paprika to make this sour and spicy rub. 
  • Spicy. If you like your chicken to have a kick, combine paprika, thyme, salt, onion powder and black pepper. This is a great rub for chicken tacos and chicken wings in Staten Island. 


Rub the Spices into the Chicken

Before adding a dry rub, the chicken should be fully defrosted. Place the protein in a baking pan to avoid the spread of bacteria and blot it with paper towels to absorb excess juices. Once dry, drizzle olive oil on the chicken to help the spices stick. 

It’s recommended to use 1 tablespoon of dry rub for every 1 pound of chicken, but you can use more or less depending on your taste preferences. This rub can be applied to the chicken in advance or right before you cook it. Be sure to work the spices into the chicken so that the flavors are infused. 

Once the chicken is fully covered in a dry rub, you can cook it the way you want! Toss it on the grill, roast it in the oven or shred it up for chicken tacos. Once you start experimenting with different spices, you’ll find that chicken is never boring! 

The Best Side Dishes that Complement Your Chicken Dinner

December 23rd, 2019 by

What’s for dinner? 

For many American families, grilled chicken is on the menu at least one night a week. It can be used in soups, stews and stir fry recipes, as well as grilled, roasted or fried. Chicken is also one of the healthier meat options available. As long as the skin is removed, it’s low in fat and contains plenty of essential vitamins and nutrients.

What to serve on the side can be tricky. Another vegetable? A side of rice? Below are a few of our favorite side dishes that will complete your chicken meal and impress your toughest critics. 

Classic Potato Salad 

Grilling is the preferred way to cook on a long summer day. Season chicken breasts with a rub or marinade, throw them on the grill and serve classic sides like coleslaw, macaroni salad and potato salad. We recommend this classic potato salad recipe because it’s tangy, creamy and topped with fresh red onions and pickles. 

Macaroni and Cheese 

With so many different cheeses and add-ins, macaroni and cheese is not just for kids. In fact, you can find it on the adult menu at many BBQ restaurants in Staten Island. The only thing we suggest is that you don’t use boxed mac and cheese. You can make your own with basic ingredients like elbow macaroni, flour, milk and cheddar cheese. 

Black Bean and Corn Salad 

If you’re looking for a healthier side dish, you’ll enjoy this black bean and corn recipe. It’s perfect for summer because it’s light and refreshing thanks to the red onion, red pepper and lime juice. Simply combine the ingredients with a couple tablespoons of olive oil for a tasty and healthy side dish. 

Sweet Potato Fries 

Does your family love french fries but you’re looking for a healthier alternative? Try sweet potato fries – you can make them fresh and wholesome at home. This recipe requires basic ingredients like olive oil, sea salt and black pepper. Simply cut up your sweet potatoes, toss them in the oil and seasonings and bake for about 20 minutes. You can serve these and your grilled or fried chicken with your favorite dipping sauce

Roasted Broccolini

If you like broccoli, you’ll love broccolini. The difference is that broccolini has smaller florets and long, thin stalks, which may be preferred if you don’t like the thicker taste and texture of regular broccoli. There are plenty of great recipes for broccolini, but here is one of our favorites. Season the broccolini and toss it in the oven with your roasted chicken. 

Whether you’re dining with La Rosa Chicken and Grill or catering for your next event, you can expect the best fried chicken in NJ along with delicious side dishes like homemade mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, stuffing and rice pilaf. Dine with us today or place a catering order. 

5 Chicken Recipes Your Family Will Love During the Holidays

December 19th, 2019 by

Now that the holidays are here, you’re probably looking for ideas on what to feed the family. Whether you’re planning to cook more at home this winter, hosting a holiday dinner or bringing a dish to a potluck, we’ve compiled some of our restaurants’ favorite chicken recipes that everyone on your list will love. Not only are these meals warm and succulent, but also the scents will remind you of Christmas. 

Below you’ll find five chicken recipes that are affordable, easy to prepare and scalable for large groups. 

1 – Apple Glazed Roast Holiday Chicken

Roasted chicken is out of this world. With the crispy skin and tender, juicy insides, it’s the perfect dish for a cold winter evening. This Apple Glazed recipe takes things to another level thanks to the sweetness from the apple. Leave yourself about an hour to prep and cook this meal and serve it with a side of stuffing. 

2 – Christmas Day Chicken

We’re obviously fans of fried chicken in Staten Island. But we also know that it can be tedious to make at home. However, this recipe is a great way to make fried chicken without the mess – or having to spend all day in the kitchen. In fact, you can prepare it at night and simply coat with crumbs and bake in the morning. 

3 – Baked Chicken Parmesan

Another great meal for the holiday season is baked chicken parmesan. The crispy breading, sweet tomato sauce and melted cheeses come together for a mouthwatering meal. You can prepare this chicken dinner in many different ways, so find your favorite recipe or use ours! Make sure you cook it until the cheese is browned and bubbly! 

4 – Creamy Garlic Chicken

If your family loves caramelized onions and garlic, this recipe is for you. Rest assured that the garlic is not overpowering but instead adds the right amount of flavor to a creamy sauce. The chicken breasts cook in the sauce, soaking up tons of flavor and keeping the insides moist. You can also halve the chicken breasts to make this recipe go further for a crowd.

5 – Chicken Noodle Soup

Sometimes, the best holiday meal is a warm and savory soup that simmers all day on the stove top. Chicken noodle soup is a dish that kids and adults both love. Plus, there’s plenty of room for modification, so you can swap out vegetables, noodles and more. We’ve included a recipe we think you’ll enjoy, and you can use smoked chicken for added flavor! 

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5 Delicious Sauces to Pair with Your Chicken Entree

November 21st, 2019 by

Some people say that chicken is boring, but we would have to disagree. In fact, we feel that it is one of the least boring foods out there! Not only are there numerous ways to cook chicken, but also you can pair it with your favorite sauces for extra flavor and taste. 

Below you’ll find five delicious sauces that rival the best restaurants in Staten Island. Enjoy!

1 – Classic BBQ Sauce 

Rather than relying on store bought barbecue sauce, why not make your own and adjust the recipe to your liking? This simple homemade BBQ sauce recipe will impress the toughest critics. It’s made with ketchup, brown sugar, vinegar, paprika, olive oil and seasonings. You can store the extras in the fridge.

2 – Basil Pesto 

Basil pesto is a great compliment for chicken, pastas, sandwiches and pizzas. It’s easy to make, and you get a wide range of health benefits from the pine nuts. To make basil pesto sauce, you need fresh basil leaves, garlic, pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil and seasonings. Make extras so that you can freeze them for future meals! Find the recipe here.

3 – Creamy White Sauce

Another simple, inexpensive sauce is this Creamy White Sauce recipe from Cooking Light. You can whip this up using basic ingredients like mayonnaise, vinegar, garlic cloves and lemon juice. The best part about this sauce is that it can be used on hot or cold chicken. Cook an extra chicken breast and have a chicken sandwich for tomorrow’s lunch!

4 – Honey Beer Sauce 

This tasty sauce has a bunch of flavors packed into a single bite – sweet, spicy and stout. Use it as a glaze or dipping sauce for your chicken entree. It requires just three ingredients: honey, mustard and beer. Stir the ingredients together and you’ll have a versatile sauce for dinnertime.

5 – Mango Salsa 

This recipe is especially perfect for the summers when you want to bring in flavor from fresh veggies. Dice a mango, cucumber, jalapeno and red onion, and season them with lime juice, cilantro and salt and pepper. Healthy and full of flavor, add as much or as little to freshly grilled chicken breast. Get the recipe at Food Network. 

If your family loves chicken, you’ll find these sauces to be a great addition to your weekday dinners. They’re easy to make, require basic ingredients and add extra flavor that picky eaters will love. For more healthy dinner options, stop into La Rosa Chicken and Grill and let us do the cooking! 

Why Adding Grilled Chicken to Your Diet Will Help Keep You Healthy

November 15th, 2019 by

One of the best ways to feel great and stay healthy is by eating a nutritious, well-balanced diet. There are many diets out there, but a healthy eating plan is something that everyone can follow. By sticking to these guidelines, you can ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs while maintaining a healthy weight. 

So, what is included in a healthy eating plan? Here are the basics:

  • Lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat or fat-free dairy products. 
  • Lean meats like poultry, eggs, fish, beans and nuts.
  • Limited saturated fats and trans fats, sodium and added sugars.
  • Controlled portion sizes. 

Can Chicken Be Part of a Healthy Diet? 

No matter how you eat, you need some type of protein. Protein is an important component of your body that is used to build and repair tissues and make enzymes, hormones and other body chemicals. There are different ways to get protein, and chicken is one of them.

Chicken can be prepared by grilling, roasting, sauteing, stir-frying and baking. All of these cooking methods are healthy and use herbs, spices and organic oils. To ensure the chicken is low in fat and calories, remove the visible fat and skin. 

Some people have concerns over conventionally raised chickens and how they are treated with antibiotics to make them grow faster. If you want to avoid conventional chicken, consider free-range, organic and local poultry options. 

How Will Chicken Keep You Healthy? 

Chicken is known for its protein benefits, but there are other ways that this lean meat can keep you functioning well. 

  • Improved heart health. Chicken has very little saturated fat, so it’s good for the heart. It also keeps cholesterol levels in check, especially compared to red meat. Furthermore, chicken contains niacin and vitamin B6 that are known to reduce heart attack risk.
  • Maintain healthy weight. By maintaining a healthy weight, you’ll feel better, lower your risk for obesity and prevent chronic inflammation. Plus, grilled chicken gives your metabolism a nice boost, keeping your energy levels up.
  • Supports immune system. There’s a reason why chicken soup is recommended for people when they’re sick. Chicken contains minerals like zinc, vitamin B6 and vitamin A that boost the immune system, fight free radicals and promote cell growth. 
  • Strong bones and teeth. It’s not just milk that does the body good. Chicken has protein and phosphorous that keep the teeth and bones strong and healthy. 
  • Boost the mood. Both turkey and chicken are rich in tryptophan, a precursor of serotonin. By getting enough of this amino acid, you keep serotonin levels stable, fight off stress and promote relaxation. 

There’s no denying it – adding grilled chicken to your diet will help keep you healthy. Be sure to remove fat and skin from the chicken and choose a healthy cooking method. And, for the nights when you don’t want to cook, stop into La Rosa Chicken and Grill for delicious chicken that is free from hormones, MSG and preservatives.