Welcome to Our Madison, NJ, Grilled Chicken Restaurant

If you like chicken, you will want to pay us a visit! We are an established restaurant that specializes in providing our customers with some of the best grilled chicken you will find in Madison! Our chicken is prepared with care and skill, ensuring our customers receive tender, juicy meat that is cooked to perfection. We take pride in our grilled roasted chicken, working hard to make sure that every meal we offer is made using fresh ingredients, blended to achieve a delicious fusion of flavors.

Chicken Salad Platter for Lunch or Dinner

One of the advantages of choosing us for your meal option is the range of healthy choices which we offer. We understand that our customers want dishes which are high in taste at the same time as being low in salt, sugar and fat. Grilled chicken is a higher protein, low fat option that is ideal for people following a range of different diets. When accompanied by one or more of our tempting sides (black beans, sweet potatoes or garlic parsley potatoes, for example), our customers end up with a satisfying meal that is also nutritionally balanced.

Grilled Chicken Sandwiches and More on Our Catering Menu

If you have a corporate lunch, community group meeting, birthday party or other occasion coming up and would like a varied, delicious menu for your guests, our catering team is here for you. We offer a complete selection of chicken, cornbread, side dishes, wings, salads and more, enabling you to pick a menu that suits your event perfectly.

Madison, NJ, Chicken Platter for the Whole Family

Our restaurant dining is suitable for every member of the family – we have a great children’s menu, as well as plenty of choices for adult diners. We look forward to serving you when you visit, offering great food, served in a welcoming, friendly ambiance. To find out more about our catering options or for any other questions, call us at 973-360-1888. We are located at 306 Main St, Madison, NJ 07940.